Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hi all-
I've made it here safe and sound. ANd its beaufitful. The housing is above the shop adn rehearsal hall and since its new its nice. I have my own room and shortly will get around to making it my own. I love the fact that the living room looks out on to two mountains and creek. Plus the shop is about the size of Point's with celings at about 25' or so which after 7'8" makes me happy. Things are a little crazy as we are in the middle of the biggest show of the season, but even with that, I was out of work by 8 and had time to get groceries and get a beer downtown with the cast and writers. So I like it though its stressful for a lot of my college's right now. But still I'm in a good mood, after all the people that work here actually have a chance to meet people that live here. So all is well.