Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the Floor at the Great Divide/ With my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied

I figured you all needed an I'm not dead post. Things are well here. We just opened our 2nd show last week so its slow right now. Its odd I hated the schdule at my last job, but I'm finding the pace here to be a little. The upside was that I got to leave Juneau for a short bit and exprince "real Alaska" in Haines. Which was something I was not quite prepared for. I thought Juneau was isolated and small, but it now feels like a bustling city. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed Haines, it was beautiful and the people I was visiting were awsome but I just realized I didn't really understand what small town meant. Parts of me liked it. There is a certian comfort in knowing almost everyone you see. Knowing where they fit in your life and where you fit in there. And there is a certian niceness in the civility that seemed to flow out of that. But I knew I was not going to be able to wrap my head around that place. I the moment I think I figured that out was when I was explaining where I grew up. I kept calling it the village cause that what Morton Grove is organized as. I kept saying how small it was. When I was asked the population I replied with out even thinking that it was 24,000. You should of seen the look I got. I then had to explain that compared to the towns around us that we were small. I still got an incredoulous look and explaination of how they could not imagine living somewhere so big. And after 2 days I could see how it would be odd to live somewhere where everyone didn't know everyone else. If anything this place is truly challenging my perspective of the way the world is.

Other than its small size coulpled with isolation the increable thing about Haines is the location. If you've ever seen White Fang, welcome to where was shot. The moutiain shot up from the ground and were amazing. Unlike here they were all jagged peaks. I couldn't belive the scencery surrounding me. Covered in snow, evergreens bowing under the weight, moutains soaring and tree filled with eagles. It was interesting trip. A definate chance to examine the world around it and I percive it.