Friday, August 31, 2007


I have to say its been a summer. I'm done with my job and I'm glad its over. Looking back on it it almost feels like an abusive realtionship. I was asked to hours well above and beyond what was safe and was basically torn down from the first show on. Plus it was a very passive agressive enivorment and I don't deal well with those. Where I'm from (meaning my family) a fight took 60 minutes. 20 to get good and pissed, 20 to scream at each other, and 20 to apolgize for being an ass and not seeing things from another point of view. I hate when things just fester under the surface and everyone pretends that things are fine. They aren't, but people were so unwilling to deal with them that they needed someone to take it out on and that was me. I wish I could say that last part was me being parnoid but when I have others pointing it out to me afarid that its not. So finally got out and I think I did it with some class. I finshed up Forum to the best of my ablites, helped out with the changeover and left with out a hail and farwell address from atop the run off table from the table saw.

I'm now up in North Sea which is on the east end of Long Island and I'm just happy to be away from that place. I've spent the last two days doing laundry, repacking and reading. And its been heaven. Hopefully I'll get some fishing in today and get to take a ton of pictures tomrrow. If they turn out well I'll post them. Hope everyone is doing well.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Well I finally hit my breaking point. I resigned yesterday. I belive I'll be here until Forum opens but honsetly I'd much rather leave now. I realized yesterday that staying on here was stupid, I'm miserable, not able to sleep and not able to keep food in my system when I have enough of an appitite to eat it. So I realized that I needed to do this for me. I'm not sure if I shot myself in the foot in terms of a career in theatre, but if this is the cost to me then its too high. I can't continue to hold myself together when there is no engery left. So for those of you in the Midwest I'll be home for a little bit. Hope everyone elses summers are going much better.