Tuesday, May 29, 2007


For those of you who know Amadeus you know who this character is. And that's who I feel like. Some one who wants to be great but can only seem to achive medicority. Every time I turned around in the last few days something didn't work or got fucked up cause I was trying to rush. I haven't been this frustraited since I left Point. Summer stock theatre and I aren't friends. I overwork myself in the wrong way cause it seems to be the way to do things here. Not the wrong way for other people but for me since I need to stop when I first hit the point of diminshing returns and not keep plowing through and continuiously fucking up because I'm tired and feeling rushed. I can't do this to myself the next show. That being said everything is here but some needs tweaking. I need to find the balence between building and managing which I've totally negleted in order get things done. I'm fried it shows and I'm not happy even though most things are working. I managed to bulid a fucking bauble pole for fuck's sake. Its made of hula hoops jute rope and a big fucking stick and it looks like Mardi Gras vomited all over it. Which is how it should look. But I'm tired and tech starts soon. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Stock without a Shop (Temperaorly)

So I made it and I'm settled and ready to work. But I'm spining my wheels in the mud. I'm stuck wanting to get a space where I can work as our shop is literaly almost done so once it is its balls to the walls time. I'm trying to work around it and so far I've gotten my lists done and gathered up as many items as possible and tryed to start on as many problems as possible. I'm gonna be really fucking tired at the end of the season.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So I made it. In one piece with what I consider a minmal amount of shit ( a suitcase, rubbermaid (big), a bike and two tool boxes. And it in many ways is good to be here.
I'm currently adjusting back to the idea of real summer stock after getting spoiled in Logan. I'm also adjusting to living in the most densely populated state in the country. That being said I wasn't expecting almost the entire island to be devoloped. And it honsetly scares me. I think I'll be heading to the mainland once a week to just see some trees and a field. I've grown very used to the idea of wide open spaces except in cities. So I'll be adjusting and maybe learning how to surf. The sore throat medicince is kicking in so I'll write more tomrrow.