Friday, September 22, 2006

It was Coffee and Coffee and Coffe somemore...

It is amazing how quickly a day can go from pretty good to shitty.
Today was one of those days.

I slpet late since I could nad I had been feeling sick the last three days. When I finally pulled myself out of bed I had about four hours before I had to be at work. So I took a train in to the city early to do some exploring. I got off at Fullerton and wandered through Linclon Park. It was nice, full of students ( De Paul is right there) and was a good place to walk. I grabed some sushi and jumped back on the train.

I sat and watch the city go by and few stops later a really attractive man sat right in front of me. It was one of those moments you love mass tranist, for the occsional piece of eye candy in and amgonst the creeps and assholes. I caught him looking and as I stood up I noticed he smiled at me. The train pulled into the station and I walked over shook his hand told him my name and then got off the train. It was one of those random moments that make life interesting.

I got to work ate my sushi and went about the show, showing my crew cover what needed to be done and in general enjoying talking with them. The show finshed and as I was doing the last of my post show jobs, two of my co-workers told me, as they were clocking out that the rest of the crew was going out for drinks at a bar. When I said good night to the rest of the crew they didn't even acknowlege me. I have no clue what the hell I did to annoy or upset them to the point of obviously excluding me. It stung. A lot. Espically when these people are some of the few I actually get to talk each day.

At least strangers are still kind to me.


Nicki said...

Mrrr. what a shitty feeling--alas, I know it well! I know you feel like a dork asking if you can come along, but sometimes that's what you have to do, at least for the first couple of outings. Usually when I invite myself along people say "Oh, we thought you were coming!" anyway, so it's not too bad. Hang in there.

Zeze the X said...

Arrrgh! I hate it when people are rude. That happens to me a lot, too... I love random encounters with Hotty McCuties (or Cutie McHotties, whichever you prefer). I have a whole list of what constitutes a Cutie McHotty that I should share with you sometime.