Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jersey Anyone??

Well summer work has come through and I'm going to be working in Southern New Jersey for the summer on Long Beach Island. As a Props Master. Which makes me really happy but kinda nervous.
The show I'm working on right now is coming along quite well thanks to the fact that the costume designer literaly has a house full of period pieces that he has lent out before and is willing to lend me. My only huge furniture problem left is a wardrobe and bed table. Before the list went four poster bed, queen sized matress, sofa, makeup table ( which I own) peroid arm chairy type chair, stool ( have three options) and a very small budget. I think I'm gonna be okay. Which feels good. That and i know that I'm employed until September which is a huge load off my shoulders.

Socially I haven;t been up to too much. No wild affairs, or real wild nights. Save the night when Jenny slapped the shit out of an asshole that wouldn't leave us alone. It was truly hilarous. This idiot came up to us and within the first minutue was implying that we should provide him with certian services. So Jenny slapped him. He kept up the stupid remarks and she kept smacking him. What I found really interesting was the fact that the rest of the bar sided with the two of us even though this asshole was a regular. They kept telling him that you have to respect a lady or you get what's coming to you. I know this doesn't sound too funny but trust me it was.

Other than that not too much has happened. Life is moving and that's all I can ask of it.


Sarah said...

Yay for work! This seems like an awesome opportunity and I know you'll kick ass at it! Best of luck darlin'!

Samantha said...

Yeah for Dirty Jersey. I'll be around until May 20th and will be a short day drive away the rest of the summer.