Sunday, August 03, 2008

So long time no post.

Hi all-
I just realized that its been forever since you all heard from me. My life has been a little crazy but it has finally settled down and I'm settling into my thrid town this year. I now live in Atlanta and I find myself falling in love with the city and with the neighborhood I now live in. I'm working for the Alliance theatre and I'm still a little overwhelmed by the rescourcres available to me. Its been an interesting first couple of weeks. My boss and I are learning how to communicate and that has proven to be a little frustrating. Mainly this is due to the fact that Kathleen ( my boss in Alaska) and I were able to figure this out really fast and that Nik (my boss in Utah) and I had worked together for a couple of summers and knew what the other wanted. So now with Robert, my new boss, I'm really being forced to listen and take a lot more notes. We're both working on this and I have faith we'll have a system figured out soon. He's a nice guy, I just need to be patient to not interrupt him when he's pausing. But still my co-workers in the props shop are pretty great and I get along well with most of the carpenters. All in all I like my job and I like being able to pay my bills.

My apartment is in this neighborhood between two really great neighborhood, the Virgina Highlands and Little Five Points. For those of you who know Milwaukee, the Virgina Highlands are like a less pretentious version of Wauwatosa ( shesh I see why everyone just writes Tosa) and Little Five Points is like the East Side between Brady Street and North Ave. And for those of you more familiar with Chicago, Virginia Highlands is like Evanston and Little Five Points is like the area around Clark and Belmont. My place is within an easy walk to 7 restaurants, a Grocery Store, A coffee shop (where I'm writing this), 3 bars and some good shopping oh and a great independent Video rental place. So there enough stuff that I can walk to that my car ( sadly not Fred, she's a blue Neon and I think her name is Vivian) can sit happily on the street not costing me tons in gas money. All in all I like here and I think I'll be happy to call this place home.

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Samantha said...

Everything a slightly less pretentious version of a burb that dubs itself Tosa! I'm glad you and you boss seem to notice the difference in styles from the get go and can tweak as you go. I hope you have a blast down there...and stop at the Highland bar if you get a chance. I here the chili and the moz sticks are amazing.