Friday, November 18, 2005

A cute cat is staring at me

Well home again. Its werid coming back. espeically when Dave comes with. Its not that anyone here minds him at all, in fac they rather like him, but it makes coming home going to my parents house which is after all supposed happen at some point. Plus I'm kinda down right now cause I just dropped Dave off at the airport to go to New York to take care of things there like moving. So I don't get to see him. I could've gone but school has prevented me so sad day. At least its only to Monday. Man I'm fucking patheic but I really don't mind. So yeah today is visiting people whom I haven't been able to in a long time day. It should be fun. Other than that I'm doing well. Oh and the cute cat in question is a grey tabby named Gizmo, who belongs to my sister.

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Laura said...

Pathetic? hmmm just think of Remis and Sirius being apart for 12 painful years - each believing the other was guilty and be strong. Think of Alexander pledging to follow Hepheastion down to the House of the Dead. YOu know the part Stone took out of the director's cut then references throughout the whole film!!! Oh- I got carried away again. Nevermind. Don't listen to anything I have to say.