Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why do they call it burning a CD when you don't light it on fire?

I mean fire is what I think of when things are burning, or least extremly intense heat. The reason this question is floating around in my brain is due to the fact that I have burned a shit ton of CDs today.
No I haven't stolen a ton of music, they're picure CDs that I'm sending out with my resumes and cover letters. After talking to a lot of people at USITT the general consicenes was along with a resume and cover letter a web site or some other digtal version of your portfolio is a good idea. So I went into mine selceted what I wanted and have been fighting with windows ever since. (I can hear the Mac users among us saying "See Macs are way cooler than PCs.") Now while Macs have there moments, if I did have one I would have a lot harder time playing games like Kirby's Dreamland etc. And that would make me a sad panda. The reason that Windows is pissing me off is the fact that it has decided that best way to organzie my pictures is not the way I set them up but in Alphabetical order. So finally everything went into a folder by show or class and went off in the mail. Well at least four of them did. Hopefully I'll be hearing something soonish. But I must return to the dread world of the cover letter. Ugh I hate reworking these damn things.


Laura said...

I don't know. Why do they call it "pressing" when they make a record?
Glad to hear you're still hard at work looking for work. It's tough I know but keep the faith! (I'm in the same boat come August, but I might just move to a Lutheran commune in Washington until I hear from the Peace Corps.)

Zeze the X said...

I think you should name your cat Natasha.

Nicki said...

See, yeah, I love people who feel the need to defend their computers: "Yeah, I know Macs are better, but I couldn't dooo stuff on it, even though they never crash and they look much sexier." It's okay. You just keep doing what you're doing. Namely, restarting your sucky computer when you get the blue screen of death. kiss!

Zeze the X said...

Nope, different Tyler. Much creepier and sketchier than the Tyler we know. And at least Cat has a friend now!