Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mt. Hood

So yesterday I finally got to go meet a volcanoe, and in the process check out a really beautiful lodge. I think Dave had to psyically remove from it. That and it was on huge moutian. I never realised how high 11,000 feet is. So since I now can take digtal pictures I thought I share Mt. Hood with you all.


Matt said...

WOW, Joe and I are going to climb Mt. Hood this summer as well as Mt. Rainier. I am quite jealous of where you live.

p.s.-climb a mountain for me

Laura said...

Mountains! Mountains, Gandalf! That's beautiful. Don't get me started on mountains. Why were you there? That lodge looks pretty sweet. Brent climbed Mr. Rainier when he was in Washington. Washington-right? Awesome. I want to go mountain climbing. I've been thinking of starting to walk some marathons. Walking because I hate running!

Sarah said...

wow! It's gorgeous.