Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So I'm in the middle of a condrum that I don't find myself in. I have two potiental jobs for next fall, one is an internship with a Childern's Theatre, and the other is a Props Artisan Job at the University of Delware. My problem is that the Childern's Theatre wants an answer and I haven't heard back from Delware. The job with the Chlidren's Theatre pays $100 a week and I'm also the Scenic artist which I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with. The job in Delware is to assit the Graduate Props Masters as well as help organize the stock etc. Its a nine month contract that is salired and it has benfits which really has my interest. And I think i have a chance to get it. But I don't want to shoot myself in the foot and end up with no work next fall. So i'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do. Normally I only get one potental offer so I take it but now I have to wonder if I keep hunting or take what has been offered.


Sarah said...

i say pursue the artisan position and continue to put your resume out there. living off $100 a week is hard and you are much more skilled than that. You should be payed more and focus on what you do well; to not have doubts and thrust into into a position you aren't comfortable with. Best of luck in your decision. :)

Nicki said...

I say that Sarah has given you sound advice. Don't sell yourself short!

I also say that Sarah should update her friggin' blog one of these days...

When in doubt, consult the magic Stephen Sondheim 8-ball. Which says:
"Easy now, hush love, hush. Don't distress yourself, what's your rush? Keep your thoughts nice and lush. Wait...."

Thank you, Stephen Sondheim.

gloryjunky said...

And I quote one of the most influencial and important movies of our time when responding to your Delaware conundrum;
"Hi...we're in...Delaware..."
Wayne's World