Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And the War of 1812.... What the fuck was that??

Peter to Rob our resident Brit.

I have to say that wins as my all time favorite 4 of July quote and I wanted to share it with y'all.

So life in Utah progresses, we're currently in tech and will be for about the next week. Ah the joys of teching four shows at once. Its not that bad though considering the prop shop is in good shape and for the most part so we have time to do our notes and do them well. figaro is going well and so far I've had no major notes save the flower pot hat, which has been fun bit I have a soultion that will work. So I'm not too worrried,
But I gotta sleep now so that I'm fuctional tomrrow.


Laura said...

Good to hear from you Chris! Sorry the letter I wrote you was so....Did you get it? Gotta go see Pirates of the Carribean now.

Nicki said...

1812! 1812! 1812 was the first tie! The time that Canada beat us to a standstill! 1812 was when the burned the White House down!!!! 1812 was a big hassle for the Brits who were trying to stop Napoleon from taking over the WORLD!!! 1812 rulz!

Speaking of Nelson, he is a PRAT, have I mentioned that lately? But I want his coat.