Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thank Christ for the White Owl

... No really that bar saved me from several murders today.

So its that time again in the prop shop. Its the week before tech and the adds keep coming. Not that this really a problem but it just adds stress on to us. That and no one ( including me) cleans until it gets out of hand.

My problem today was that my usual work station got taken over. This is the place that I have to work on small props and to plan out what has to be done for my show. (I'm the show head for Marriage of Figaro one of the 4 shows we're doing this summer, which isn't bad save they all tech at the same time.) So I kept having to carve a new corner out of our messy shop to work.

What really pissed me off about this was that one of my co- workers, summaraly took contorl of the big communal work table. And this is the latest in a trend of not treating the rest of us in the shop with some respect. Listen sweetie, you're good, really good, but so am I and I do know shit too. I really hate being talked down to and I know its not on purpose but seriously its beigning to get to me. I'm trying to come up with a way to tell her this constructivly cause if I just shoot off my mouth when I'm annoyed it will just add to more tension in the shop.

So after work today I went over to the one local bar, the aforementioned White Owl, and got the Tuesday Night Speical ( a 40 oz beer and a damn good burger). And finally I was able to laugh with my friends out here ( who I happen to work with).

And thank god cause this means that tomrrow will be better and I'll be able to take care of the things that are bugging me with out pissing to many people off.


Laura said...

Beer and a buger, sounds great! Glad you could blow of some steam. I find when trying to avoid conflict with other people the model of What do you need from me to be effective? Ok, here's what I need from you - if you're going to take over the space you have to let me know - or you have to give me somewhere else to go - is an a good approach. Just my advice.
Hang in there Chris! We love you!

Sarah said...

kudos to you man. being disrespected and not valued for what you are seems to be a trend.... I hope all in all wokrks out for you. Much love!

Zeze the X said...

Speaking of being spoken down to, guess who's doing the set design for Pirates of Penzance, which I'm charging for?