Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Stock without a Shop (Temperaorly)

So I made it and I'm settled and ready to work. But I'm spining my wheels in the mud. I'm stuck wanting to get a space where I can work as our shop is literaly almost done so once it is its balls to the walls time. I'm trying to work around it and so far I've gotten my lists done and gathered up as many items as possible and tryed to start on as many problems as possible. I'm gonna be really fucking tired at the end of the season.

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Laura said...

Oh, C'mon Chris that's what theatre's all about. Don't you remember: "Where's the cutting board? I need to dice some onions?" -"Sarah's using it to make her set model." -Has anyone seen the head of John the Baptist?" -Oh yeah, it's on the dart board again."

Good luck to you as you begin your adventurous season -sans workshop.
Remember - WWJHD? What would Jim Henson Do?