Monday, December 12, 2005

One Week Left

Wow... Its werid to think that in one week my academic career will for all intents and purposes be over. For as long as I have remebered I've been a student. And now I'm on to being something else. I realize now how fucking scary this is. The one thing that has always been part of my identy is going away. After I finsh Kyle's exam I will never have to write a paper like that again. Is that the columination of all my English classes, a theatre history final that I don't really care about? Werid.
After this week is over I need to figure out the next step. I'm kind of torn about it. I know I want to go west, to go and live somewhere that I've really never been before. But I need to figure out a time plan. The thing that is complicating this is the fact that I will want to see Dave. So part of me wants to get out there asap but the other part says that I should take the time and plan and go out around the middle of January or the end. I'll have to muse it over but I'll figure it out fast. I think airing on the side of planning might be a good idea and I don't think Dave will mind too much and if he does he's gonna have to deal.
Well I need to work on my senoir, bullshit, project. Time to label the prop shop.
Chris :)


Laura said...

Whenever you decide to head "into the west" make sure you give me a call and let me know that you're passing through Moorhead because I have a couch here that want sleeping on by people visiting for a weekend. And I must finally meet this "Dave" character.

Nicki said...

"Dave" is myth. They're all just humouring Chris. But I say the truth will out. Poor Chris. Hm.