Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bittersweet elections

So over all now that the elections are over I happy with the national results. We have a democratic majority in the house ( let's hope that they do something with it) and Rumsfeld is gone.

On the other hand I'm ashamed of my state and the way that the majority of my fellow Wisconsin citizens voted on both the Death penalty and the Civil Union ban. We have effectively shot our selves in the foot.

I'm upset because the Civil Union ban has screwed a disproporant amount of people over. And I'm confused namely because the people who voted for the ban are the ones who complain about the general promiscuity in our culture. If two people want to come together in a monogamous relationship what does it matter what sex they are. And the other thing that really annoys me is the fact that regardless of whether or not the ban passed gay marriage is illegal, this admendmant or lack thereof wasn't going change that. And the other bit of hyprocrsy was that this refereudum was sponsered by the party that was supposed to stand for less invasive goverment, which let's face it the Republican party does not.

The Death Plenalty being reinstated really pisses me off as well. For two reasons, 1. It doesn't derter the people commiting these crimes and 2. Its REALLY FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Do you know how much it cost to excute John Wayne Gacey ( a truly henious and repugnt human being)?? IT COST THE TAXPAYERS OF ILLINOIS 60 MILLION DOLLARS!!! That's to kill one man. Not only are there the montary costs but also it locks up the courts with the appeal process. I mean if your going to kill someone then you better give them the appeals but there are other things that I want our courts to be doing besides going through the appeals process for death row convicts. Like ruling that the Civil Unions ban is unconstitutional.

Well at least nationally things may be looking up.


Nicki said...

PS: George Bush has killed more Iraqis than Saddam has, but guess who's getting hung?! Now, if only they can show it on TV and sell popcorn...

Laura said...

I absolutely agree with you about everything, but we shot ourselves in the ass, Chris. In the ass!