Sunday, November 05, 2006


That's what it feels like. I'm cool with it I just know I need to motivate myself to actually do things. I've been sending my stuff out and getting some response , which is great. I'm just really lazy right now I'm not very happy that I'm doing that. But I think that I'll busy soon enough with out realizing it. Its still odd not to have projects or classwork. I keep thinking I have to do it and I'm surprised when I don't have to. Well Yeah, I'll try and get motivated next week.


Reg said...

Well, you've only been out of school for a little less than a year. It'll probably keep feeling weird for awhile yet.

By the by. I caved. You suck. ;)

Andrew said...

You know what kills Blah? TRIP TO NYC! The city loves you Chris... it loves you!!! Also Haven't hear from you in a while, give me a call and if i'm not at work I'll pick up. (sorry about that last phone call I'll explane when we talk next.)

Laura said...

Got any plans in January? I might have a ride to NY state at least with my aunt and uncle and then there's always catching a bus to the city.