Sunday, June 17, 2007

Holy Shit ... JUNE??

So not only is today my birthday, which has been going quite well, I got my contract from Alaska and I found out that 1. I have 4 days to get there from Jersey, and 2. I'm employed until June 15!! Holy shit, that makes me a far happier person. Though it will make finding work next summer all the more interesting as a lot of places start in May. Still makes me happy.

Work wise things are fine. We've started Joseph and I think it should be good. The biggest changelle is going to be the goat that gets ripped apart. I start that this afternoon, wish me luck.


Zeze the X said...

I think you should make it as gory as possible. Like, guts and stuff. Really freak out the kids. Heehee, I'm morbid.

Nicki said...

Are you talking about Chris's birthday cake? Because a birthday cake that gets ripped apart with guts spilling out would be *awesome.* Happy birthday, C, and good luck with the goat (nylon stockings=intestines)

Laura said...

Hey Chris, I've been meaning to write to you - I'd send you a postcard but I never have an address for where you are. Sorry I forgot about your birthday. I hope it was a good one. Congratulations on the job and next June if you can't find summer work you can always come and visit me.