Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Notes On Angels

So just a quick note don't start watching Peristroka ( Part 2 of Angels In America) with some one who has not seen Meliuium Approaches. Too much explaining is involed in this.
I found it very interesting how the end speech became this whole thing about the gay community beigin accepted and AIDS needing to be dealt with. It got far more preachy than I remember the play being. It didn't resonate the same way the end of the play did with me. Over all I rather liked how it was done save the end and the fact that Heaven resembled Italy ( where it was shot). The Image of San Francisco was I felt too firmly established to be ignored or turned into Northern ITaly. Anyho I just wanted to share that with you as we all haven't gotten to watch it together...yet.

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Laura said...

Glad to see from your last post your finding ways to occupy your time. that mask making stuff sounds great! I'll try and give you a call this weekend, but I wanted to make another pitch for you to come by and visit me when you head out west. You know there's always a futon for you here for you and "whomever" you bring along. kisses~