Saturday, January 28, 2006

random update

Iwish was good at post titles but eh whatcha gonna do. Anywho I thought I would let y'all know what was up in me end of the universe. Which is packing. Its kinda of hard to pack your life into three rubbermades, a hiking backpack and 2 tool boxes ( one actually has just art supplies). But I think I may have succeeded. Woot! So departure is imment and I really haven't proceesed that yet. Hell, I'm picking Dave up on Monday and I haven't processed that. Its a good thing I'm 99% packed so I can now clean out my car. ( The donut's have not been replaced but I think the nerf darts are gaining secientence) So yea and Nicki and Sam please don't kill any guinea pigs on my account. ( not that I thought you would). So Now its time for a shower and a trip to the Miller Brewery with Jenny :)

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Sarah said...

i know how that whole seperation thing goes. Too bad the doughnuts aren't there to keep you company on your way down. I guess you'll have to settle for dave...hehe