Monday, February 13, 2006

Progress Can be Slow and Painful but in the end it tends to Be Worth It

Well I figured I should let y'all know what's up since its been awhile. Life has been going pretty good save attempting to get Dave to look at Apts. and to apply to Utah again. Well we're roadtripping to Seattle tomrrow to look at places so that issue is semi solved ( I'll be happy when we have an address). And the heavens opened forth and Dave said in front of me and his dad that he would be applying again. So that makes me happy (I'll be extremly happy if he gets a contract). Its hard to get Dave to do something espeically when constant poking and proding is the worst way to get him to do anyhting. I realized this early on but man I ain't paitent and dealing with him sometimes involes more paitence than I have. But other than those two issuse things are good. Not much else is going on save my on going quest to pet Dave's parents neuortic cats. Miko will let me look at him but if either Dave or I get near him he's gone. Which is sad cause he's a big black and white long hair that looks quite petable. Ebony will occasionally talk to me but she's totally not interested in letting me closer than three feet. So that's frustraitng although she wins the award of smallest cat with the biggest eyest that I've met. So that's all for the update. Life is progressing.


Nicki said...

"slow, love slow, what's your rush? Time goes quickly--see now it's past!" Just be happy being with "dave" and be thankful at least you have both your arms.

Chris said...

Thanks Nicki