Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Public Service Annocment

So since I didn't change my password ( I couldn't figure out how to while off campus) My Point email is deceased. So if you for any random reason want to email me, my address is Thought I should let you all know.
So far I'm finding my houseing situation to be quite frustrating. Dave and I went up to Seattle and visited the places that we had made appointments with. Apparently they were willing to deal with the possiblity of a short term lease on the phone but in person they either jacked prices up much higher than they had intainally said or all of the sudden they didn't accomidate short term leases. Oh well on to round two which now also inculdes Portland. Which has the most amazing independant book store I have ever seen. It's called Powells and its HUGE, as in 1 city block and 3 stories on top of that. Its sci-fi fansty section which is the size of most regular indie bookstores. Its Theatre section was okay, play wise great but tech theatre books was one small shelf, so I was kind of dissapointed. ANd then I found an out of print kids book I had been searching for for years so my faith was restored. The reason I'm letting you all know about this is that they have a web site So if your looking for out of print books this may be a good rescource. So yeah not much else is going on here. Life is progressing the way it should.

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Samantha said...

Point automatically shuts out graduates after a length time anyway...your account's execution was imminent.