Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm in Oregon and the Sun is out???

Hello all.
Well Dave and I managed to survie the cross country trek and have arivved in Corvallis, which is where Dave is from. The trip was pretty cool.
Here is a state by state summery of what I have discovered. North Dakota is really fucking boring but on 94 you get to go through some of the badlands so it kind of made up for some of the sheer boredom. Montana is beautiful. Andy I don't know where you are from in Montana but I think I can see why you were none to happy about moving to Nakoosa(sp). Idaho after you get out of the moutians is flat and desolate. Eastern Oregon, right when you go over the border has some of the most amazingly desotlatly beautiful moutains I've been through. And the Columbia Gorge when it goes through the Cascades looks like something out of Lord Of the Rings. So over all there was some pretty cool shit espeically in Oregon and Montans
So now I'm in Corvallis for about a week and I've discovered two great thinggs 1. This town loves coffee and coffee shops (I'm curently writing this post from one) and 2. apparently Febuary equals no winter coat weather. I can say this with some certainity since I'm down by the OSU campus and no one is outside sunning themselves ( I walked through frat and sority land to get here). I really like this concept. I went on a three hour (importu) walking tour of Coravallis with Dave last night and didn't really need more than a coat. WTF?? ANd today when I decided that I needed cofee ( or actually the chai I ended up getting) I wore a sweat shirt. I am so fucking confused. Why didn't I know that Febuary doesn't have be living on Hoth. So yeah there's my rambly post. I promise more cohrence with the next one.
P.S. Laura- the enchilada's tasted great. :)

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Samantha said...

Do you think that enchilada recipe may live in in your neck of the woods?